Super Rub ‘A’ Dub

What is Super Rub 'A' Dub

Super Rub A Dub

The gameplay takes advantage of the motion sensor of the Sixaxis controller. To move the duck, you tilt the bathtub by moving the controller. You can perform jumps or turn sharks on their backs, by shaking the controller.


Gamestop Croc is here to change the way you see Android games.

Entertaining and definitely different, is worth playing, especially if you’re a fan of Super Rub ‘A’ Dub.

You’ll find it is highly “addictive” and once you’ve started is quite difficult to quit. Gamestop Croc currently has five levels and players from all over the world are anxiously waiting for the new update which will unlock more levels.

All you need to do to play Gamestop Croc is simply download the game to your device, install it and hit play.

GenieBytes surely, is not the first company that sought to satisfy the need of players for a game on their Android devices, but this specific application, became without any particular difficulty very popular.

After months of preparations and planning of Gamestop Croc, it was almost certain that the final platform would be very carefully planned. Besides, it is not surprising that it is a company in which hundreds of players worldwide have chosen for their entertainment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Gamestop Croc is a very entertaining application that with a small tilt of the device the duck jumps to the direction you sent it leaving behind it the stunned crocodiles.

Of course, there are disadvantages. Especially in mobiles where the image is quite small, and there is no possibility for the player to enlarge it, which in many cases would be extremely useful, for example, when trying to save the ducklings.

Device requirements

Like all applications, so Gamestop Croc has some requirements in order to play on a device.

To enable the application to operate in a device it requires Android 4.0 or newer versions and should have memory space of at least 25M.

Fans of Super Rub ‘A’ Dub can now feel happy since the creator of Gamestop Croc made a game which will remind you of it.

The game is pretty close to what you would expect for the kind and simple enough for those who have not dealt again with something similar.

For the record we are on the side of the rubber duck warrior who is been attacked by the little green crocodiles which are trying to eat him before he manages to save all ducklings. You will definitely feel chased.

Help the duck to save all ducklings by running and stunning the crocs in this spectacular world. Make it in time and move on to the next level.

Overall it is a clever game with beautiful graphics to pleasantly spend your time, though, as is normal, as you move up levels difficulty increases and you need to carefully choose your moves so as not to get eaten by the crocs.

Not to forget, the game is free for download in Google, Apple, Windows, Amazon Stores.


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