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Why you should download Gamestop Croc

Gamestop Croc is a Monkey Ball-type puzzle/platform game designed by Geniebytes specifically for Android devices played exclusively by using motion detection sensors (G-Sensor) offering interaction with the game through physical movements of the player.

Gamestop Croc

How to setup the motion sensor in Android

The problem arises when you are playing games like Gamestop Croc where you need to wiggle your mobile phone to control the game. When the sensor in your mobile phone has lost settings, i.e. it thinks it’s leaning left when in fact is an absolute straight possition, then you have a problem.
There a very simple way to calibrate the sensor to show it what is straight and what is not.
This setting is hidden inside Menu – Settings – Display and go to the bottom. There is the option G-Sensor.
When you press it you will see two ampoules with liquid. One vertical and one horizontal.
Move your phone up and down and left to right until the air bubble is exactly in the middle and press OK.
Your G-Sensor in now calibrated.

*Keep in mind that some mobile phones do not allow the setting of G-sensor.

Complete Levels in Time

Complete Gamestop Croc levels in time and take the game to the next level.

Jump around to stun the crocs and quide all the ducklings safely into the exit door.

gamestop hours
Gamestop Croc

Rubber Duck Warrior

Move your device to guide your Rubber Duck Warrior. Free all the daucklings from their Bubbles. Once you have them all guide them to the Epic Door of Doom! Watch out for the Enemy Crocs that will devour your Rubber Duck Warrior if it gets in their path. Have fun!


Gamestop Croc

We couldn’t wait to bring this game to you early, it only has a few levels at the moment but we are working on more and will have them to you on the next update by Gamespot.

Gamespot Croc

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